I’m Andras Szabo, a Hungarian postgraduate student at the faculty of communication studies of the University of Vaasa, Finland. This blog is meant to keep track of my research project – which studies certain connections between the Habermasian public sphere and the internet. You can read more about the project on the blog’s “About” page.

After completing my MA thesis at the Uni of Vaasa, I started my research in February 2008. But I couldn’t have started it without the help of the Center for International Mobility, who provided me with a postgraduate scholarship. I’d also like to thank the help of my supervisors Tarmo Malmberg and Christoph Parry, and the staff and students of the university in general.

Feedback on these pages, on the research – or things totally unrelated – is more than welcome. I hope you’ll find something interesting around here.

…and a side note: the word in the site’s address is supposed to be “räätäli”, the Finnish word for “tailor” – which is “szabó” in Hungarian.

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One Response to Introduction

  1. Hi Andras,

    Congratulations with your new blog. And welcome to the blogosphere :-)

    I look forward to following your research.


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