It’s not over yet (but it is)

In theory, on paper, and officially, the Democratic party still has no presidential nominee – but after winning the Montana primary last night and clinching the endorsement of a score of superdelegates, there hardly remains much doubt about Barack Obama picking up the nomination.

This comes as no surprise to the communities of the social news sites I’m analyzing. Sure, it’s no scientific evidence in itself, but I still thought it would be telling to copy here what the leading news item was on Digg on 11. 5.:

I find his picture – from the Diesel Sweeties Newsblog -, and the fact that it has become a leading news item on Digg (with 2341 votes), iconic in a way. Paraphrasing the LOLcat-meme (the practice of attaching funny, anthropomorphizing captions to pictures of cats and other animals), it tells a lot about the trends of personalization of political issues, the ‘net-mashup-culture, and probably the Digg community in general.

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