The headlines – 2. Sept. 2008

On the first day of the official campaign, Sarah Palin attracted most of the attention of social news site readers – but I really don’t think she would mind to draw less attention of this type in the future. Here are the politics-related headlines, from the 4 social news sites I’m analyzing, that proved most popular among readers this past day.


  • BREAKING: Bristol Palin Pregnant Right Now (MSNBC) / 4708 diggs
  • Palin thinks Pledge written by Founding Fathers (The Daily Kos) / 2794 diggs
  • Obama: “Back Off” (The Daily Kos) / 2709 diggs
  • Palin booed (CNN) / 2112 diggs


  • They say Palin’s daughter is a private family matter and shouldn’t be covered… Then why the fuck should there be national abstinence programs or laws on abortions? (Reddit user “alaskamiller”) / 914 points
  • Police illegally search journalists at RNC Convention as part of an intelligence operation against protesters ( / 491 points
  • Thank you Sarah Palin – my mother is FINALLY voting for Obama (The Daily Kos) / 363 points
  • Obama to Media, Politicos on Palin Pregnancy Story: “Back Off!” (ABC news) / 325 points


  • GOP VP candidate Palin’s daughter is pregnant (MSNBC) / 198 votes
  • Palin says 17-year-old-daughter is pregnant (AP) / 76 votes
  • Bristol Palin IS PREGNANT (Not a rumor) (Yahoo! News) / 63 votes
  • Palin causes undecided voters to flock to Obama (The Daily Dish) / 61 votes


  • Palin Thinks the Pledge of Allegiance Was Written By the Founding Fathers (The Daily Kos) / Score: 10.0
  • To rebut rumors, Palin says daughter, 17, pregnant (Yahoo! News) / Score: 9.5
  • What McCain didn’t know about Sarah Palin (The / Score: 7.7
  • The Oil Crusades (The Spadecaller) / Score: 7.0
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