The headlines – 5. Sept. 2008

Here are the latest headlines, then, with an interesting example of title framing – the way in which submitters of articles can alter the meaning of the original articles merely through giving them new titles.

AP writer Jim Kuhnhenn, covering the GOP convention in Minnesota, pointed out a few examples from the speeches of Sarah Palin and John McCain, where what was being said “stretched the truth,” i.e. contradictory factual evidence could have been presented. (I’m treading thin ice here. Naturally, in their live speeches, neither McCain nor Palin indicated what the source of their allegations was, but neither did Kuhnhenn cite any sources to back up facts that “debunked” the claims of the Republican nominees. Given the fact that he wrote the article in the name of AP, it’s reasonable to believe that it has been fact-checked and edited, but in any case it’s AP’s name and reputation that you have to accept as guarantee.)

Anyhow, the point is that the article was submitted to Digg with a similar headline to the one under which it appeared on The Huffington Post (original: “AP: Attacks, Praise Stretch Truth At GOP Convention“, submitted version: “AP: Palin’s Obama Attacks Stretch Truth at GOP Convention“). The same article also appeared on Yahoo! News (same original headline), and it also got submitted to Reddit, this time, however, under the headline “Listen AP, it’s not ‘stretching the truth.’ It’s called ‘lying.’


  • Why the Media Should Apologize for Writing About Sarah Palin (Politico) / 4945 diggs
  • Out of Touch: Cindy McCain’s Monday Outfit Cost $300,000 (Vanity Fair) / 4077
  • AP: Palin’s Obama Attacks Stretch Truth at GOP Convention (The Huffington Post) / 3476
  • FBI Wanted Obama Plotters harged, But Rove Appointee Said No (Firedoglake) / 2963


  • Jon Stewart on GOP hypocrisy over the VP issue (Comedy Central) / 3140 votes
  • Vote up if you think that voters need to see the list of books Palin tried to ban (Reddit user “mloveyoulongtime“) / 1646
  • Listen AP, it’s not “stretching the truth.” It’s called “lying”. (Yahoo! News) / 575
  • Cindy McCain’s RNC Monday Night Outfit Cost $300,000… Who’s the elitist now? (Vanity Fair) / 511


  • Vote: Was Sarah Palin’s speech effective? (MSNBC) / 325 votes
  • Jon Stewart Compiles Republican Palin Hyopcrisy (Comedy Central) / 121
  • Palin speech is latest in GOP fight with media (MSNBC) / 92
  • In a more diverse America, a mostly white RNC (MSNBC) / 80


  • Palin’s Speech vs. Reality (Just More Of The Score: 8.3
  • Fact Check: Sarah Palin’s Speech (TV Show Spoilers and News [!!!]) / 7.7
  • Sarah Palin Revealed in Shocking Photos / 7.4 – removed due to violation of Propeller terms
  • Do Stoners Really Murder People? Drugs and the Violent Crimes associated with!!! (Vistabay) / 6.9

(I have to admit I really enjoyed Jon Stewart‘s comments on this one.)

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