Digg headlines for the weekend (6-8th Sept.)

I’m working on finalizing my reply to Axel Bruns’ article about the networked model of the public sphere. At one point I wasn’t sure if I had time to do the follow-up on headlines, then I made a compromise (if that’s an acceptable excuse). So, the headlines from the previous weekend – but only from Digg this time, I wonder if you can spot a trend there.

8th Sept.:

  • The Best Daily Show Episode Ever? (The Jed Report / Comedy Central) / 3323 diggs
  • Sarah Palin may have women flockign – to Barack Obama (New York Daily News) / 2586
  • McCain’s Lies (CNN) / 1883
  • Two Great TV ads for Obama going on the air (The Daily Kos) / 1398

7th Sept.:

  • Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist…” (LA progressive.com) / 3339
  • Jon Stewart Obliterates McCain’s Acceptance Speech (The Information Paradox / Comedy Central) / 2969
  • Sarah Palin “affair”: big media stays quiet as “lover” named (The First Post) / 2923
  • McCain Campaign Plans to Keep Palin Away From the Press (Think Progess) / 2043

6th Sept:

  • EPIC Sign Held Up at McCain’s RNC Speech (private user from Imageshack) / 5051
  • Take a closer look at the RNC confetti! (private user from flickr) / 3913
  • Olbermann Smacks down the RNC over 911 Tribute (MSNBC via YouTube) / 3692
  • Palin’s Speech Raises $1M for Republicans; $8M for Democrats (The Wall Street Journal) / 3608
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