The headlines – 11th – 17th Sept.

Apologies. I have been away for a couple of days – a short trip to Vilnius. But now I’m back to work – and here are the headlines I missed. In not-so-related news, I have just received the copy of Chantal Mouffe’s “On The Political” which I ordered a while ago. I find her ideas about an “agonistic” public sphere intriguing; so I hope I will soon have the time to get better acquainted with them.

11th Sept – Digg:

  • Obama Blasts McCain on Lipstickgate: Enough of the lies! (CNN via YouTube (and user “NCDem”)) / 4414 diggs
  • Top pollsters caught fudging with Presidential Race numbers (The Daily Kos) / 3321
  • Palin promotes general after he praises her on Fox News (The Raw Story) / 3161
  • Matt Damon on Palin: It’s like a really bad Disney movie (AP via YouTube) / 2751

12th Sept – Reddit:

  • The US Military Relid On An “Independent Journalist” To Deny Villagers’ Claims Of Large-Scale Civilian Deaths. It Turned Out The “Journalist” Is Fox’s Oliver North ( / 1268 votes
  • In Portland interview, McCain is “embarrassingly incoherent”, “doesn’t make any sense” (CBS) / 498
  • Palin: “…war with Russian [sic] may be necessary” … we’re so screwed if McCain wins (abc) / 434

13th Sept – Newsvine:

  • Obama mocks McCain as computer illiterate in ad (AP) / 78 votes
  • How did Palin do in her ABC interview? (MSNBC) / 60
  • Watchdog group says McCain aired negative TV ad in violation of 9/11 pledge (Newser) / 55
  • An Agreement Has Been Reached (user “Dennis P. McCann” on Newsvine) / 57; about a moderation issue on Newsvine concerning perceived anti-semitism and anti-islamic sentiment

14th Sept – Propeller:

  • Palin revives Bush’s most lethal lie (McClatchy Washington Bureau) / Score: 6.2
  • McCain Campaign Officials and Sex-For-Oil Scandal (TPM) / 5.8
  • How Paralympic athletes cheat / 5.0 removed
  • Pakistan order to kill US invaders (The Australian) / 3.7

15th Sept – Digg:

16th Sept – Reddit:

  • Obama: “if you think those lobbyists are working day and night for John McCain just to put themselves out of business, well then I’ve got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska.” (Politico) / 1547 votes
  • Kucinich: Over 2 million Americans have signed petitions demanding impeachment, making it one of the greatest exercises in grassroots democracy in recent times (After Downing / 1544
  • McCain’s Cousin: John “I’m afraid he is long gone, replaced by a desperate version of himself who seems to contradict nearly everything he once stood for.” (Tampa / 511
  • McCain Loses Fox News: Megyn Kelly Rips McCain Flack For Claiming Obama Would Raise Middle Class Taxes (Think Progress) / 501

17th Sept – Newsvine:

  • CBS: The Sarah Palin Phenomenon Is Doomed (CBS) / 81 votes
  • McCain’s Radical Health Agenda – Why is No-one Paying Attention?! (The New York Times) / 79
  • The Ugly New McCain (The Washington Post) / 65
  • Fed nears a deal to take over ailing AIG (MSNBC) / 62
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