Good news for bloggers?

As the US online ad market is taking a nose dive, the same does not, apparently, apply all across the board. Here is an article from the Gatewatching blog which claims that the Australian online ad market is expected to grow substantially.

It’s pretty boring when bloggers boast and obsess about their traffic, but for those who wish to monetise their work, it might be worth having a chat to the ad agencies who can connect bloggers with this spend. Again, it’s an indication that we’re getting closer to the point where independent “content-makers” may be able to viably make at least part of their living from ad revenue.

In not really related news, yesterday I claimed the most interesting post on the social news sites yesterday came from Politico. I still think it’s interesting, but how could I miss the top post on Digg, about Sarah Palin‘s hacked-into mailbox?! Read the details on Gawker.

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