The Headlines – 19th – 22nd Sept.

The general conviction before the elections was this: if terrorism and security issues dominate the campaign in the fall, Republicans have an edge over Democrats. Conversely, if the most apparent issues are related to the economy, Democrats will be in a better position. That George W. Bush requested a $700 bn package from Congress to prop up the crumbling US financial system should make it an obvious sign to even the most optimistic observers that the economy is, for real, quite in a dangerous situation – the question is, will this really help the Democrats in any way.

Sept. 19. – Digg:

  • WHY would Palin refuse to fund rape kits? Here’s your answer (The Daily Kos) / 4908 diggs
  • John McCain and the Lying Game (Time) / 4116
  • Ignoring subpoenas? YEP, they’re republican! (CNN) / 3140
  • Former conservative writer and editor shifts to Obama (D Magazine) / 3064

Sept. 20. – Reddit:

  • Obama: “This morning Senator McCain gave a speech in which his big solution to this worldwide economic crisis was to blame me for it.” (Politico) / 1206 votes
  • Todd Palin refuses to testify despite subpoena (Crooks and Liars) / 728
  • Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5 (The Huffington Post) / 482
  • Republicans: It’s patriotic for middle class parents to send their kids to die in Iraq but it’s not patriotic for the wealthy to pay a little extra taxes to pay for that war (The Boston Globe) / 444

Sept. 21. – Newsvine:

  • Poll: Racial views steer some away from Obama (MSNBC) / 267 votes
  • Bush asks Congress for $700 billion for bailout (MSNBC) / 96
  • Poll: Racial misgivings of whites an Obama issue (AP) / 74
  • New Doubts Over Palin’s Troopergate Claims (abc) / 41

Sept. 22. – Propeller:

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