The Headlines – 23rd Sept.

One thing you might not realize from the headlines here is that I list them here in a slightly modified form: especially on Digg, it is customary to add to the end of the title something like “view!” or “watch!”, or, in the case of audio, “listen!”. In Reddit, images are often indicated with their title ending with “PIC” or “IMAGE” or something similar.

I suspect this practice has a strong influence on what gets to the front page. A picture is worth 1000 words, or so it is said – in any case, it’s much faster to “consume” a single image than a 1000-word article, and consequently, it’s assumed to be easier for an image to get votes than – especially a long – article. Which is what is likely to be behind yesterday’s leading article on both Digg and Reddit. The topic itself (“elitism”) is relatively old and has not much currency at the moment in the mainstream media.


  • Which one is the elitist again? (private user via Photobucket) / 6941 diggs
  • Dirty Secret Of The Bailout: Thirty-Two Words (The Huffington Post) / 3490
  • McCain: No Regrets on Deregulation, “Helpful” to Economy (CBS via YouTube) / 2996
  • Economist: McCain’s Campaign: Lying, cyncial, divisive (The Economist) / 2780


  • Which One Is Elitist Again? (private user via Photobucket) / 2455 votes
  • so America, you’ve put the CEO of Halliburton in the White House and the CEO of Goldman Sachs in charge of your treasury. How’s that workin’ out for ya? (private user of Reddit) / 684 votes
  • Senator Leahy: “If We Learned Anything from 9/11, The Biggest Mistake Is To Pass Anything They Ask For Just Because It’s An Emergency” (The Huffington Post) / 627
  • BOMBSHELL: McCain’s Campaign Manager Paid Millions To Help Fannie & Freddie Avoid Tougher Regulations (Donklephant) / 449


  • Bush, Democrats differ on bailout’s passage (MSNBC) / 88 votes
  • Obama: “taxpayers shouldn’t be spending a dime to reward CEOs on Wall Street while they’re going out the door” (The New York Times) / 77
  • Even Fox News Says McCain is Lying ( / 62
  • Troy Anthony Davis Execution – Live Updates (private user of Newsvine) / 60


  • Pak army protected bin Laden and Taliban (The Real News Network) / Score: 8.8
  • $20m Mansion is “Biggest Ever Home Repossession” ( / 7.8
  • Obama: How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis (Bloomberg) / 6.5
  • Dems wants [sic] pay limits, loan aid in bailout (MSNBC) / 5.0
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