The Headlines – 24th Sept.

“Bailout” is definitely becoming the word of the week; and Propeller keeps on offering a, well, interestingly different selection from the news crop. Here are the latest headlines from the social news sites.

Sept. 24th – Digg:

  • McCain Loses His Head Concerning Economy (Among Other Things) (The Washington Post) / 3563 diggs
  • Biden 80 interviews, Palin just 2 since being named VP (The Washington Post) / 3051
  • Jed Lewison: CNN Calls Out McCain Lie: Obama Does Have a Pla[n] (The Huffington Post) / 2698
  • McCain conference call questioning media BACKFIRES /w video (The Daily Kos) / 2559


  • THIS is impressive! Obama spells out the most substantive, common sense, exceptionally intelligent ideas I’ve EVER heard regarding government, that he plans to execute as President ( / 1419 votes
  • Palin bans reporters from meetings with world leaders, CNN pulls camera crew in response (AP) / 1305
  • GOP support for CEO pay is sticking point on bailout. Make them vote for it publicly ( / 972
  • Kucinich: “The double standard is stunning: their profits are their profits, but their losses are our losses.” ( / 796


  • Palin bans reporters from leaders meetings (MSNBC) / 119 votes
  • Bernanke urges immediate action on bailout (MSNBC) / 111
  • This Will End, As One Executive Put It, “With Riots In The Streets” (The Washington Post) / 95
  • Republicans Allege McCain Covered Up His Collaboration with the North Vietnamese While a POW (AlterNet) / 74


  • The Palin Effect Vanishes: Obama Leads in MI, CO, MN and WI (Politicus USA) / Score: 9.6
  • Pakistani troops fire on intruding U.S. choppers (Yahoo! News) / 9.5
  • – A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama (Eyeblast TV) / 8.9
  • Woman Killed After Refusing To Cook Hamburger (abc 7 news) / 8.0

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