The Headlines – 25th Sept.

The breaking news of the day is that McCain proposed to postpone Friday’s TV-debate (the first out of four scheduled for this campaign), so that he “would be able to focus on the economy” instead of campaign matters. The news is on the front page of Digg (albeit NOT in the “Elections” but in the more general “Politics” section), it’s also there on Reddit, and Newsvine covers also Obama’s reply to the suggestion on the front page.

Speaking of technical matters, Digg’s blog hinted yesterday that significant changes are to be expected from the site, along the lines of better – increased – personalization, and localization of content. Whether or not this is a good business decision, I have no idea, but I’m guessing those in charge know what they are doing. On the other hand, from the point of view of deliberative democracy, I tend to agree with Sunstein – too much filtering (aka “personalization”) is detrimental. We’ll see soon enough. The headlines, then:

Sept. 25th – Digg:

  • I ghost-wrote letters to the editor for the McCain campaign (Salon) / 3702 diggs
  • Bush to keep “grim” war report secret until after election (The Raw Story) / 2805
  • McCain campaign manager lied about his Freddie Mac lobbying ( / 2434
  • Joe Biden Obliterates McCain Over National Security (CNN) / 2181


  • Paulson Busted! “We should not be rolled by a Wall Street exec who is masquerading as the Secretary of the Treasury” (Congressman Peter DeFazio) (C-Span via YouTube) / 1631 votes
  • BREAKING NEWS: McCain asks that Friday debate be postponed to focus on financial crisis (MSNBC) / 1540
  • This is a terrible, terrible story for McCain, and yes, the biggest political story of the general-election campaign so far. (The Guardian) / 1293
  • Make Sure this Spreads! Obama called McCain first thing this morning to express to put the needs of this bill ahead of campaign . McCain takes credit! (private Reddit user) / 581


  • Update: Obama rejects McCain call to delay debate (MSNBC) / 331 votes
  • Bush to address country about bailout plan (MSNBC) / 88
  • Economic fears give Obama a clear lead in poll (MSNBC) / 76
  • Obama rejects McCain call to delay debate (AP) / 72


  • Economic fears give Obama clear lead over McCain in poll (The Washington Post) / Score: 9.5
  • BREAKING: McCain seeks to delay debate to focus on economy (AP via / 9.3
  • Santa Cruz home-brewer arrested after making poppy beer (Santa Cruz Sentinel) / 6.0
  • US Frees Afghan Journalist (Globe and / 5.9

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