The Headlines – 26th Sept.

…this time with no comment at all, just in a field-note-for-myself style.


  • BREAKING: McCain Camp attempting to cancel VP debate! (iReport) / 5749 diggs
  • Obama Will Make Debate A Townhall If McCain Is A No Show (The Huffington Post) / 4454
  • Here is Why McCain Wants to Move the Debate (The Huffington Post) / 3828
  • John McCain has missed more votes than any other Senator ( / 3425


  • It took President Bush until Wednesday night to address the American people about the nation’s financial crisis, and pretty much all he had to offer was fear itself. (The New York Times) / 1396 votes
  • Unbelievable: McCain revealed in an interview with a Cleveland TV station Tuesday that he hadn’t yet read the administration’s three-page bailout proposal (Politico) / 799
  • OUCH!! NBC Nightly News LASHES John McCain – Reporter says FLAT-OUT that McCain Suspended His Campaign Due to Slipping Poll Numbers (NBC via YouTube) / 648
  • Watch Sarah Palin explain to Katie Couric how Alaska’s proximity to Russia is relevant national security experience. This is beyond embarrassing. (The Huffington Post) / 591


  • Letterman unloads on McCain for not showing up (AP) / 178 votes
  • Epic Fail: Sarah Palin’s Exchange With Katie Couric (AMERICAblog) / 127
  • Candidates, Bush to meet over economic crisis (MSNBC) / 91
  • Palin pastor prayed for ‘witchcraft’ protection (MSNBC) / 65


  • Dems Fail to Ambush McCain Over Economic Bailout (Hot Air) / Score: 9.6
  • Dad Abandons Nine Kids At Nebraska Hospital (KFAB radio) / 9.5
  • Top 10 Man-Made Disasters of 2007 (Interesting top 10 lists) / 8.8
  • Obama: Bill Clinton Considers McCain’s Debate Delay in Good Faith (abc) / 8.5
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