Weekend headlines – 27th – 29th Sept.

After the hectic leadup to last Friday’s debate of the presidential candidates, the exchange itself proved – well, I think the best word is – ordinary. Here is a transcript (courtesy of CNN); if I get ’round to it, I might look into it somewhat deeper (but that’s quite an “if”). The weekend’s headlines: after the jump.

27th Sept. – Digg:

28th Sept. – Reddit:

  • Vote Up if you know that Ahmadinejad didn’t really say “Wipe Israel off the map” which McCain just repeated in the debates to play into our fears (Google.com) / 3016 votes
  • A terrifying Obama web ad on YouTube. It’s scary because you know this might come true. (Obama campaign via YouTube) / 421
  • Sarah Palin Nowhere To Be Found After Debate, but Biden was all over the place (The Huffington Post) / 400
  • Why Obama Won Big Last Night: “The more it sinks in, the more I think Obama actually knocked it out of the park last night.” (The Atlantic.com) / 353

29th Sept. – Newsvine:

  • AP investigation: Palin got zoning aid, gifts (AP) / 82 votes
  • Breakthrough seen on bailout (AP) / 70
  • McCain retracts Palin’s Pakistan comments (CNN) / 67
  • **Possibly Debunked** John McCain says HORSESH*T During the 9/26 Debate (NBC via YouTube) / 51

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