The Headlines – 30th Sept.

Once again without much commentary: the leatest leading headlines from Digg, Reddit, Newsvine and Propeller. The rejected bailout-bill captured most of the readers’ attention, it seems.


  • CNN Compares Tina Fey Parody to Real Palin Interview (CNN via YouTube) / 6919 diggs
  • John McCain Owns ( / 4279
  • Conservatives Sabotage McCain’s Loss By Asking Sarah to Quit ( / 3341
  • McCain: Instead of emergency room, go to Wal-Mart (unknown source via YouTube) / 3069


  • Bailout does NOT pass vote. 206 Yea – 227 Nay. Dow Tumbles. (MSNBC) / 2894 votes
  • Krugman: “Barack Obama seems well informed and sensible about matters economic and financial. John McCain, on the other hand, scares me.” (The New York Times) / 724
  • “I do not like you, John McCain” – Ebert’s take on the debate (Roger / 391
  • 200 former US diplomats endorse Obama ( / 369


  • Bush very disappointed by House vote on bailout (AP) / 113 votes
  • US Troops have donated SIX TIMES more to Obama than McCain (Yahoo! Finance) / 88
  • Video – CNN Anchor Calls Palin Interview Scary as Hell (CNN via YouTube) / 79
  • McCain’s Arrogance Does Him In (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) / 79


  • Exclusive: Fox “News” Scrubs Story on Conservatives “Questioning Palin Heft” (The Brad Blog) / Score: 8.4
  • McCain Campaign Blames Obama for the Bailout Bill Failure (Politicus USA) / 7.9
  • The Bailout Bill That Nobody Likes (Yahoo! News) / 7.8
  • In Rebuke of McCain’s Leadership, House Rejects $700 Billion Federal Bailout (Politicus USA) / 6.9
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