The Headlines – 1st Oct. 2008

In a way it’s reassuring that the 2nd most popular item yesterday on Propeller was a blogpost about beautiful (indeed they are) autumn pictures from Switzerland. Apart from that, business is as usual on the social news sites; headlines after the jump.


  • Oh Dear God: Latest Palin / Couric interview clip released (CBS via YouTube) / 5950 diggs
  • New Yorker Cover Mocks Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience (The Huffington Post) / 3482
  • McCain: “Not the time for blame”, then blames Obama and Dems (Politico) / 2826
  • 200 former US diplomats endorse Obama ( / 2411


  • America Could Buy Every Single US House In Foreclosure For $700 billion – Common Sense Reasons Why The Bailout Is A Scam and Caused By Lenders ( / 1275 votes
  • When he faces off against Sarah Palin Thursday night, Joe Biden will have his hands full. I should know. I’ve debated Governor Palin more than two dozen times. (The Christian Science Monitor) / 812
  • CBS: Palin can’t name one single newspaper or magazine that she has EVER read in her life ( / 654
  • Vote up if you hope Sarah Palin’s political career in Alaska is ruined (Gawker) / 519


  • Analysis: With bailout, McCain reaches dead end (AP) / 112 votes
  • Concerns about Palin’s readiness as test looms (MSNBC) / 109
  • After Wall Street, anger spreads to Congress (MSNBC) / 109
  • Pro or con, readers decry lack of leadership (MSNBC) / 107


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