The Headlines – 7th Oct.

As Election Day looms, the Democrats are predictably trying to maximize the circumstancial advantage of the economic crisis; what I mean by “predictably” is the less-than-surprising fact that McCain’s involvement in the “Keating five” scandal of 1989 has been reheated, put into parallel with the current situation, and used as a campaign topic.

(Some network trouble has been disrupting the orderly headline-sampling; apologies for the missing entries. At the moment I’m also wrestling with studies of methodology.)


  • The Make Believe Maverick – Vetting McCain (Rolling Stone) / 3637 diggs
  • Keating Economics: John McCain and a Financial Crisis (Barack via YouTube) / 2566
  • McCain in “gathering of extremists racists and anti-semites” (NBC via YouTube) / 2106
  • Keating Economics: McCain & the Making of a Financial Crisis ( / 2047


  • The entire Keating Economics documentary (created and endorsed by the Obama Campaign) is finally available for download. Please spread the news. Obama is finally fighting. ( / 1974 votes
  • There’s no debate. Palins owe thousands in back taxes (Jack Bog’s Blog) / 807
  • “Track, the kid who joined the Army, did so because a judge told him it was that or jail due to his dealing drugs.” ( / 508
  • Soon, the 43-year-old naval attache and his 25-year-old sweetheart were engaged. There was only one complication. McCain was still married. (The Washington Post) / 478


  • McCain accuses Obama of lying (MSNBC) / 173 votes
  • Palin criticizes Obama’s ties to Wright, Ayers (MSNBC) / 89
  • Palin criticizes Obama’s ties to Wright, Ayers (AP) / 66
  • House GOP member: A majority of Americans are, well… UnAmerican (Think Progress) / 60


  • Nature phenomena – Interesting rock in Scotland – The Old man of Storr (Nature-spot) / Score: 8.2
  • SCANDAL: A Reporter Accuses Palin of Racism — and Gives Us a Glimpse Into His Own Prejudices (The Wall Street Journal) / 7.2
  • Dubai Property Market – Prices Have Fallen According to Colliers (Real Estate Pro Articles) / 6.2
  • China dispatches 5,000 inspectors over milk scandal (Yahoo! News) / 5.3

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