The Headlines – 9th Oct

…and so we’re after the second presidential debate (here is a video and transcript, courtesy of the New York Times); and from the social news sites we can learn that McCain refused to shake Obama’s hand and referred to him as “that one;” and of course that Obama “won it.” (I’m thinking of a spiral of silence.)

The “this is my wife, shake rather her hand than mine”-bit did seem a bit odd, mind you.


  • McCain Refuses to Shake Obama’s Hand (TPM via YouTube) / 4582 diggs
  • Fox, CNN, CBS Reaction Groups: OBAMA WON (The Huffington Post) / 3811
  • Barack Obama: Responsible Tax Cuts for Ordinary Americans ( / 2996
  • McCain Linked to Right-Wing, Nazi-Backed Death Squads (CBS news) / 2811


  • Presidential Directive 51: President Bush Can Cancel Elections (‘Continuity of Operations’) if there is an ECONOMIC crisis ( / 1502 votes
  • Happy birthday Rep. Kucinich. I thank you for fighting the good fight. Wake up and stand up! ( / 1270
  • McCain Loses It: Calls Americans ‘My Fellow Prisoners’ (Jed Report via YouTube) / 788
  • Foo Fighters demand John McCain cease using “My Hero” in campaign appearances (We Are Voting Yes) / 537


  • After bailout, AIG sent executives to the spa (MSNBC) / 86 votes
  • Not “The Senator,” Not “My Distinguished Colleague,” But “That One.” McCain’s Debate Cheap-shot. (Yahoo! News) / 87
  • Debate 2: “It was a mauling” – Andrew Sullivan (The Daily Dish) / 72
  • New York Times Editorial on The Debate: Disappointed by McCain (The New York Times) / 63


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