Considerably more experienced

These last months of the year are turning out to be quite busy, even if not much of all the commotion is visible around here.

I made my debut in the world of conferences at the Experience 2008 – which was, indeed, quite an experience. A wide range of topics has been covered – some of them got me lost without the slightest hint of what actually was everything about, but some of them turned out to be quite interesting and – hopefully – useful as well.

Most importantly I’d like to mention the talk of Wim Veen from the Delft University of Technology, titled Homo Zappiens – learning strategies of a new generation.” I hope to return to this subject – how textual and sequential information processing strategies are replaced by those built on images and non-sequentiality – because it touches upon the problem of interactivity, which has been one of the topics constantly on the agenda in the talks with my supervisor Tarmo Malmberg. (Basically the question is how justified the distinction is between “active” and “passive” media consumption – or in fact just what do these notions actually mean.)

But before that, currently, it is preparation for a methodology workshop that’s keeping me busy. Starting one week from today in Amsterdam, it’s all going to be about methodology – and social network analysis, which might just give me the key to the second phase of my research project.

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