Operationalizing deliberation (2)

Just a quick note.

For our research seminar, I finally put together a paper containing what hopefully will remain as basic pillars of my conceptualization and operationalization of deliberation. I start from a basic definition, review some existing conceptual approaches and coding schemes, and finally arrive at the conclusions that

a.) Deliberaton can mean any number of things, and so in order to analyze it, its context must be considered, and

b.) in the specific context that I’m examining deliberation (in the discussions on social news sites about the 2008 US presidential election), discussions should meet the following criteria in order to qualify as such:

  • exposure of heterogeneous views;
  • external openness (accessability);
  • internal openness (equal communicative rights);
  • argumentativeness (the use of rational and relevant arguments);
  • reciprocity, and
  • reflexivity.

More on this coding scheme later; say, after our seminar discussion.

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