New looks, new place

The longish period of inactivity on this blog has, hopefully, come to an end.

I was looking for funding for the last stretch of the project all across Finland – without success. But I was awarded a three-year scholarship at the University of Copenhagen, starting – exactly one week ago.

This means that I’m picking up the research from where I left off. Or not quite; the return to the research means, in the first place, a thorough overhaul and review of what’s been written – in paper as well as on this site. The new looks – well, that’s just something to mark the change. (Although I have to say I liked my previous blog theme much better – but I guess this is just a matter of getting used to it.)

What’s not going to change is that this blog will still be the place for my reflections and thinking-by-writing, about my research.

There, I said it.


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