That capital “I”

This article from Wired is the piece I’ve referred to, on some occasions, making the point about the spelling of the word “internet.” Surely it’s something important, fashionable, exciting and a bit mysterious as well – but that doesn’t justify capitalizing it. We speak not on Telephones but telephones, or watch the television (or tube or telly), but not Television (bar such and such exceptions of course).

Now I’ve come across a great article by Lincoln Dahlberg, about three prominent traditions of democracy, and their understanding of how the internet could help realize their aspirations. It dates back to 2001, and consistently uses the term “internet” in lowercase, which, after a quick random review of some other articles, seems to be the established practice at the New Media and Society.

It’s not exactly a heartwarming feeling, but great to see nevertheless, especially when certain authors and publications still insist on capitalizing it.

I’ll have Lunch now.

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