Reblog: How PhD students really feel?

The best would be if you could head over right now to Inger Mewburn’s blog and read her whole post about emotions made possible by doing a phd; but here’s a quick summary:

1) Elation when you realise you know more than your supervisor about your topic and you feel brave enough to argue about it.

2) Fear of being ‘found out’ as fraud, not really knowing enough/being smart enough to be Phd student.

3) Unexpected admiration of your own writing.

4) The “I’m a genius! Why hasn’t anybody thought to do that before?” moment before people point out the obscure paper you’ve not read.

5) Misplaced smugness after photocopying/downloading loads of stuff but not actually reading it.

I can totally relate to all of these, although my moments of “unexpected admiration” seems to vanish in a flash and turn into angst. I wonder if listening to Elbow has anything to do with that.

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