One quick note – two articles

I’ve been getting busier and busier – mostly with teaching -, as a result of which I’ve had to somewhat neglect blogging. This post won’t make up for it for sure- it’s not even a proper review by my own standards, just a quick note about two articles I’ve read recently.

Eric Gordon and Edith Manosevitch write, in their piece, about augmented deliberation, i.e. about extending face-to-face deliberation by merging it with virtual interaction. This seems to be especially helpful in the case of urban planning, whereby participants in the discussion are at the same time walking around in the virtual world they are planning. The virtual world provides a visual representation that is much easier to grasp than 2D blueprints, and much more immersive, and easier to change, than real 3d scale models. An interesting article – perhaps more interesting than important though, at least from my perspective of democracy as such, on the national level.

Tai-Quan Peng and Jonathan J. H. Zhu have studied the influence of internet adoption and internet use on sociability and use of traditional media, based on data collected in Hong Kong in 2003 and 2005. Since I’m almost literally quoting the article now, I might as well do away with that “almost”:

[internet] adoption and usage are two distinct processes. The former will make individuals adjust their use of traditional media and participation in social activities, while the latter will not have a similar impact. [… and:] internet users spend significantly less time on traditional media than nonusers.

I hope I can return to this topic in the near future.

Gordon, Eric and Edith Manosevitch (2011): “Augmented deliberation: Merging physical and virtual interaction to engage communities in urban planning,” in: New Media & Society 13(1), 75-95.

Peng, Tai-Quan and Jonathan J. H. Zhu (2010): “A game of win-win or win-lose? Revisiting the internet’s influence on sociability and use of traditional media,” in: New Media & Society (forthcoming).

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