AR; Beyond the front page

Another paper from the latest Journalism Studies – from Helle Sjøvaag, Hallvard Moe and Eirik Stavelin -, discussing the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s (NRK) performance on the web:

“NRK fails to fully utilize the unique potential of the web to facilitate audience engagement [or] to use online features to add depth and scope to the news agenda,”

but, on the other hand: this is primarily an issue on the website’s “inside” – while the front page, in contrast, seems to be “fully adapted to an online ecology […].”

For me, the most interesting part of this paper is its methodological considerations – emphasized also by the authors. On the one hand, there are compelling reasons to stick to the purposive sample of front pages (as Dylko et al. note in their article analyzing front-page videos on YouTube: “some types of news content are inherently more important to study than other types”). On the other hand, focusing only on the front page might only give partial, and therefore problematic and distorted, answers.

Sjøvaag, Helle, Hallvard Moe & Eirik Stavelin (2012): “Public Service News on the Web – A large-scale content analysis of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s online news” in Journalism Studies 13(1), 90-106.

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