AR; Social recommendation of news

Facebook and Twitter are become a “significant source of news for Canadians,” argues a paper very soon to be published in Journalism Studies (it’s already available on the web). This is perhaps not surprising- after all, a lot of news producers are doing the best they can to have their readers do the hard work of distribution for themselves; and social networking site users generally tend to have considerable trust in their circles of friends as editors.

The question, for me, is whether these “circle of friends” could include “friends” on social news sites too. Do users consider news on Reddit more (or less) trustworthy in the light of the particular nature of the editorial board? I wonder.

(“Trustworthy” would not be the first word that I would describe Reddit by, but considering my own experience, I wouldn’t find it all out of place, either. Not because the articles themselves posted would be of uniformly high quality, but because the community seems to do a great job in correcting all sorts of errors. But maybe I’m just lucky with the subreddits I follow.)

Alfred Hermida, Fred Fletcher, Darryl Korell, and Donna Logan (2012): “Share, Like, Recommend – Decoding the social media news consumer”, Journalism Studies, iFirst article, 1-10.

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