AR; Liquid news online

Online news are different: the forms they take, and the contents they deliver, have the capacity of constant change, partly under the influence of readers. There has been a lot of talk about the peculiar nature of online news; Michael Karlsson‘s recent paper is an attempt to synthesize theories and to propose a method of measuring – what he labels, with a tip of the hat to Zygmunt Bauman – the liquidity of online news.

A set of eight variables is proposed to measure liquidity. I think it’s an impressive project, even though there still seems to be some kinks to iron out in the proposed methodology; such as the creation and calibration of a scale. How to interpret different degrees of liquidity?

(For more on such issues, head over to my colleague Aske Kammer’s blog.)

Karlsson, Michael (2012): “Charting the liquidity of online news: Moving towards a method for content analysis of online news” in the International Communication Gazette, 74(4), 385-402.

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