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AR – another take on blog credibility

Instead of trying to cope with strangely off-the-base articles, I will just return here briefly to the problem of blog credibility (looking at the pile of articles in the TO READ stack, this won’t be the last time, either). In … Continue reading

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AR; some more thoughts on online news credibility

Returning to the issue of credibility, here‘s another article from the JCMC, by William P. Cassidy, with the title “Online News Credibility: An Examination of the Perception of Newspaper Journalists.” Taking advantage of a sociology of news framework, Cassidy surveyed … Continue reading

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AR: […] why war opponents perceived the internet as the most credible medium

The authors: Junho H. Choi, James H. Watt and Michael Lynch; the publisher: JCMC, the full title: “Perceptions of News Credibility about the War in Iraq: Why War Opponents Perceived the Internet as the Most Credible Medium”. Choi, Watt and … Continue reading

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